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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CabrioFactory?

Cabriofactory is the number one supplier in the Netherlands for all Cabrio wind deflectors. From Peugeot and Saab to Volkswagen and BMW, and many more: CabrioFactory has wind deflectors for all brands, in all price ranges.

A wind deflector is a must-have for every convertible driver. In addition to the comfort that a wind deflector gives you, as you can enjoy the ride without getting bothered by the wind, it is also good for your health. A constant, strong wind in your convertible can cause ear and eye damage, and on long term also damage to the neck.

CabrioFactory supplies customized wind deflectors for all types of car types and brands. Besides, you can also personalize your wind deflector by choosing a color that fits perfectly with your car. For convenience, CabrioFactory has even provided easy storage bags, so you can take your wind deflector with you wherever you are!

We are happy to help you with expert advice, useful tips and answers to all your questions. In addition to our web store, you are most welcome from Monday to Saturday in our store:

James Wattstraat 9
7131 ME Eastern Gelre
Telephone: +31(0)544-217101
Email: customer info@cabriofactory.co.uk


Why you should buy a wind deflector for your convertible ?

As the proud owner of a convertible, you enjoy driving around in your car when the sun is shining. When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than to get out with your convertible to enjoy a good ride. But it does depend a lot on the weather. When the temperatures are low and there is a strong wind, driving a convertible can be less pleasant. The UK is characterized by a dynamic climate, which means strong winds daily.

But a strong wind is not pleasant when you are driving a convertible. The recoil of wind in your convertible can get reduced with 90 percent when you own a wind deflector. This means that you can even drive outside with open roof with low temperatures. If necessary, you can always put the heating on in your convertible. A wind deflector guarantees you a more comfortable ride.


Ordering a wind deflector for your convertible at Cabriofactory

For the purchase of a wind deflector for your convertible you are at the right place at Cabriofactory. As a specialist in convertibles, we know what makes a good wind deflector. In our webshop, you will find an extensive range of wind deflectors for every type and brand of car. Also for you, there is a suitable wind deflector available in our store.

When placing an order in our online shop you immediately profit from many benefits. Orders get shipped quickly and you can always count on professional advice from our employees. We are happy to assist you with the purchase of your high-quality wind deflector for your convertible. Protect yourself, whether you’re the driver or passenger, against an unnecessarily strong wind by purchasing a wind deflector.


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

When in stock, we will ship your order the same workday.

If we don’t have your order in stock, your order will arrive within 3 – 4 days. We will keep you informed through the entire process of delivery, so you’ll know exactly when you can expect your order.

After CabrioFactory has received your payment, we’ll start right away with processing your order. After we have processed your order and sent it to you by post, you will receive an e-mail with a ‘track & trace’ link, so that you can track your package until it arrives on your doorstep. This way you can see exactly on which day and at what time your package will be delivered.


Right of withdrawal and manufacturer’s warranty

During 14 days, you can view and try your order, just as you would in the store. If you have any doubts about one of our products, we advise you not to mount it yet.

If you decide to return your order within 14 days, please let us know at info@cabriofactory.co.uk. Return the package in its original packaging, and we will refund the purchase amount to your account number within three working days of receipt.

If you are over the period of 14 days, and still not satisfied, we are glad to help you. Contact us and together we will look for a solution, to keep you satisfied.
Products at CabrioFactory are covered by a factory warranty, these are per product on the product detail page and usually have a duration of two years.


How do I return an order?

If you want to return your package or when it is damaged, send us an e-mail on info@cabriofactory.co.uk
If you return your package, do it as follows:

  • Pack your package well to prevent damage. Don’t forget to return the product in the original packaging!
  • Add a fully completed return form
  • Add a stamp from the assembly company
  • If you have multiple packages and only one return ticket, then put your name, address and facture number clearly on the other packages.
  • Return your order stamped, otherwise, we will deduct the shipping costs from the amount to be refunded.

You can return your items to a post office in your area. You will receive a return receipt, which you must keep.