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What is your convertibles car brand?

About Cabriofactory

Cabriofactory is a producer and supplier of convertible windshields. We supply for many brands, such as Peugeot, Volkswagen, BMW, various windshields in different price ranges. A windshield is a must for every cabrio driver. In addition to the comfort a wind deflector gives you, as you can enjoy a ride without being bothered by the wind, it is also good for your health. A constant, strong wind in your convertible can cause damage to your ears and eyes, and on long-term to your neck. Don’t hesitate any longer: buy your wind deflector today at CabrioFactory!

For which car brands does CabrioFactory have wind deflectors?

CabrioFactory has the most affordable, highest quality wind deflectors for the following car brands:

Alfa RomeoAudiBMWCryslerFiatFordJaguarMazda, Mercedes BenzMiniOpelPeugeotPorscheRenaultSaabVolkswagenVolvo

What kind of convertible wind deflectors does CabrioFactory have?

CabrioFactory has various types of wind deflectors per car brand. You can choose from a color that matches your car, like black or beige. The wind deflectors are strong and elegant due to the combination of metal and imitation leather and are a perfect fit for every convertible. Also, CabrioFactory has wind deflectors in various shapes and sizes. Some wind deflectors are flexible, which makes them durable, while others can be folded so that they fit in the trunk. And did you know that CabrioFactory also sells storage bags for all wind deflector models?

Good advice

Not sure which cabrio windshield fits your car best? Please contact our customer service. We are ready to answer all your questions from Monday to Saturday.

Where can I find CabrioFactory?

In addition to our web store, we also have a physical address:

James wattstraat 9
7131 ME Oost-Gelre
Phone: +31(0)544-217101
E-mail: info@cabriofactory.co.uk

KvK nummer: 09152590
BTW nummer: NL-101501067.B01